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John Wry

John Wry

John and Nelly Wry and their two kids, Jonathan and Rachel, served the Lord in Bolivia for 12 years. Nelly was involved with homeschooling their kids and running a small bookstore from their home. John served on boards of several ministries and was co-founder and CEO of an online Bible teaching ministry.

About six years after establishing the online Bible teaching ministry, John became concerned with the doctrinal quality of the teachers and materials his ministry was using. He started looking for Bible-based courses that would be more effective in bringing people to a mature faith in Christ.

After attending several DM2 workshops in Bolivia, John and Nelly began to understand that their identity is in Christ, and that the Christian walk not only begins with trusing Christ, but continues that way. This understanding changed the direction of their lives; they knew they would never be the same.

Now, John and Nelly are committed to teaching others the truth of the Word of God, centered on a clear Gospel of faith alone in Christ alone. They have left Bolivia, joined DM2, and currently live in Campobello, Canada.

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